• Contractor position (ongoing)
• 1-15 stories per month
• Location independent
• Intermediate experience required

We’re looking for a capable freelance tech journalist who can write between 1-15 stories per month for a range of client businesses (exact monthly volume will be decided together). Most of the writing will be company blog posts, although there also will be some opportunity to write articles intended for publication, white papers, case studies and web page copy.

Assignments will be given on an ongoing basis based on your rate, turnaround time and level of skill with technical subject matter.

Writers of any nationality are welcome, but your content must be indistinguishable from that produced in the United States. This means not just facility with English, but also awareness of American written style, grammar and colloquialism. If you are an experienced writer and we can’t tell that you were born outside of the United States, you’re good.

Types of content you’ll write

You’ll write technology-focused content in one or more of the following formats.

Reading this makes you say, “Wow, that’s me!”

  • You can understand complex and technical subject matter like ERP and the inner workings of edge routers with just a few Google searches. And that sounds fun.
  • You love working with ideas and distilling them to their essence. Fast.
  • You can write a publication-worthy article in an hour, but you’re also capable of New Yorker-style quality if given the time.
  • You’re hungry. Writing and content creation is your future (and maybe also your past).
  • Missing a deadline makes you cry. And you never cry (about deadlines).
  • Your art is speed without compromising too much quality.
  • You care about things like the em dash and the serial comma, but not really.
  • You don’t care if you have a byline, or if someone else gets credit for your words. The Economist is your hero.
  • You can overcome a headache and writer’s block on deadline day.

In an ideal world, you…

  • Have several years of experience as a freelance tech journalist, and have worked as a staff journalist in the past.
  • Write for a living or at least make it a significant side job.
  • Know AP style.
  • Understand content marketing and know how to insert client references organically, include keywords, and build in appropriate CTAs.
  • Will learn what you don’t know, and consider that one of the best parts of the job.

The nitty-gritty

This is a position for a freelance journalist who currently has multiple clients.

Right now the position is freelance, but we’re open to making it a full-time position in the future if you want to grow with us.

We pay promptly at the beginning of each month (we’re writers, too, so we take care of our freelancers).

Apply now

Vidyamaya Ltd. is a global media company based in Hong Kong with customers throughout Asia and North America.

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