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Vidyamaya Ltd. is a global media company based in Hong Kong with customers throughout Asia and North America. With our relationship media brands and content marketing arm, we make the world a better place by advancing a people-centric vision of business that is ethically-minded, purpose-driven and deeply socially responsible.


Helping Singaporean relationships overflow with joy.

The centerpiece of a good life is a happy relationship. ShiokLove helps Singaporeans build and maintain high-quality romantic relationships filled with joy, love and harmony.

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BKK Romance

Creating authentic relationships in Thailand.

Dating is easy in Bangkok, but finding a lasting partner is hard. BKK Romance helps Thais and Farang build serious relationships that are full of trust, joy, and lifelong companionship.

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JoyLove Pinoy

Keeping the Filipino family strong.

Love can last forever when you know how. JoyLove Pinoy guides today’s Filipino on how to have a strong marriage with more fun and less drama—without sidecars and epic fights.

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JoyLove India

Turning arranged marriages into love marriages.

Family is important, but it shouldn’t come at the cost of love and personal happiness. JoyLove India helps Indians transform their relationships into lasting love marriages without sacrificing family obligations or deeply held beliefs.

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Supporting businesses with quality content marketing.

Every business is now in the media business. EdChief helps small to medium-sized businesses with turnkey content marketing so they can deliver their message without the headaches of content creation.

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The Meaning of Vidyamaya

This world is an illusion, according to Vedantic philosophy. But some illusions keep us in the dark, and other illusions elevate us toward the ultimate goal in life. Vidyamaya is the good illusion, the part of this world that elevates us.

So our mission is baked into our name. We’re here to elevate people and businesses where it really matters.

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Founder & CEO

Maricel Robles

Vidyamaya and its brands are guided by Maricel Robles, a native of Cebu, Philippines.

Prior to Vidyamaya, Robles ran global content marketing firm EdChief International, and served as an Asian business consultant. She also regularly gives back to her community as a part-time teacher. Robles has a degree in business management from the University of Cebu.

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